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Lifting Systems

Lifting systems are widely used in warehousing and represent an efficient and economical solution for the storage and administration of goods. But it is not only warehousing that can benefit from such systems.

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Future Furniture Production

Industry 4.0 once considered holistic in production! L’ENGINEERS sees Industry 4.0 as an intelligent network of people and technology. On this basis, we will be presenting a comprehensive concept for the manufacture of furniture, based on a forward-looking intralogistics system at the LIGNA 2017.

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Picking Systems

Order oriented production? Increasing component variance?Increase productivity times of your staff with system supported sorting solutions like for Ligna 2015 of L’ENGINEERS developped system supported picking system.

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Our Competences

Interim management
Independently whether you have to staff a temporarily project-related management position due to changes in your company or have to cope with staffing shortage. Every staff member of L’ENGINEERS has got long time management experience either in woodworking or supply industry. Especially in change management we provide immense and profound know-how to realize changes and related ramp-up curve efficiently.
Product configuration and construction
Product variance in companies is increasingly harder to be handled and to be controlled. The quantity of parts lists and work processing sheets becomes confusing. Product configuration may put things right by picturing products in graphical order entry systems.
Cost accounting and calculation
Planned cost calculations are well-known methods to pursue corporation costs. Deduced from these methods key data/management ratios may be generated and continuously reviewed to realize deviations at an early stage and be able to take corrective action accordingly. The calculation is an important basis for a cost-covering, future-oriented product and range configuration.
Planning, layout and production processes
Not only the selection of appropriate production facilities is an important part of your future success. With increasing process networking the necessity of their optimal co-ordination increases accordingly. Only if resources are directed according to their added value and applied means success is guaranteed. We would be pleased to support you in planning, layout and realization of these processes.
Business organization
Increasing variance, more complex products and shorter lead time. Apparently contrary opinions. Not mandatory. Structural and process-oriented organization in order processing starting from Point-of-Sale have to be flexible and adapted to enhanced requirements.
Product and its variance
Today increasing product variance is the source of the most change processes in companies. Only when all decisive factors interlock like the shown gear wheels increasing variance can be realized efficiently and with profit. Business and products have to be adjusted to the market requirements to act successfully in future.
Employees and staff
Apparently perfect coordinated management decisions regarding future orientation of business development are taken. Anyhow they fail in realization due to missing involvement and support of respective staff.

Such or similar experiences are part of project realization in daily business life in many companies. Experiences that not only cost time and money but may have long-term effects.

From the very beginning the affected personnel has to be involved in changes, be trained and developed. Here it’s the responsibility of Management and Business Development to take right decisions. Changes may only be realized with participation of corresponding personnel.
Data processing integration and generation
Product variety and variance is unlimited and permanently increasing. Variety and networking may only be realized by using an efficient and requirement balanced IT infrastructure. In the architecture of systems decisions- in which system which duties and responsibilities- have to be carefully taken. Only if components like Order Entry, ERP, MES interlock inter-coordinated, an efficient and productive value performance is possible.
Machines and industrial plants
Whether capacity increase, replacement investment or adjustment of a changing product. Based on years of professional experience of L’ENGINEERS we are the optimal partners for adjustments and optimization of your machines and production lines. We would be pleased to advise and support you independently in concerns of the wood processing industry and others.

Since 1999 we support the furniture and woodworking industry in business enhancement. For optimal constitution of each particular corporate operational and organizational structure many gear wheels have to interlock correctly like clockwork. Our support includes conception and implementation of the organization to realize this interlocking up to the arrangement of individual workplaces by appropriate means.

Sustainable and Reliable Decisions.

In addition we provide distinguished expertise regarding industry 4.0. Your management will be relieved and the quality of project performance will increase. We attach importance to co-operative consultancy with regard to long-term co-operation.

Expanded networking and longtime experience.

In the wood laboring industry and supplier networks a considerable quantity of investments, new technologies or market developments were supervised or realized by L’ENGINEERS staff.

Our Team

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Bernhard Lammers
Managing Partner
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Michael Kratzert
Managing Partner
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Christoph Köhrer
Senior Consultant
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Roland Dengler
Senior Consultant
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Joop Boerekamps
Senior Consultant
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Michael Burzan
Senior Software Architect
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Suki Wei
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Raffaela Betz
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Danny Michel
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Philipp Becker

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